From Excel to Packflow

Many reasons lead to organize timesheets, contact list and checklists in Excel worksheets.

At first, it is an excellent tool to collect data, providing powerful reporting tools and allowing a limited set of actors to contribute.

But soon, the data grows, more actors need to join and a more convenient solution has to be found.

Packflow is the best candidate to transform a valued Excel solution into a successful intranet application

Migrating from Excel to Packflow has the following advantages:

  • Easily import your Excel data.
  • Keep your Excel reports up-to-date, refreshing with latest data from Packflow in one click.
  • Handle large datasets with good performances.
  • Organize up to thousands of users into organization units and departments.
  • Connect your data with other systems using Office, external databases, web services.
  • Give more power to your data attaching files, comments, workflows, classifications, and more!

Packflow offers many possibilities, opening new doors to structure your business.