Learn Packflow like English.
Quick basics, deep potential.

See what makes Packflow developer-friendly.

Packflow is matching at best the reality every developer already knows

  • Design your objects and their metadata, relations and permissions using a very simple UI.
  • Implement your forms directly in a preview, without any line of code.
  • Prepare workflows with various level of complexity. They can be ignored, used to define simple states, but can also be accurately designed with decisional and particpation rules, notifications and tasks.
  • Create roles and views in two clicks.
  • Entering the generated project, you will find your objects classes and their MVC (binder, controller, HTML helper) counterpart, for optional customization.
  • Notifications, custom pages, parts, web services, hubs, timer jobs… can be easily implemented but do not require any care at first.
  • Generate, build, deploy in one click and it’s ready to use!

Complexity in Packflow was made progressive, to provide an easy starter to everyone, without sacrificing functionnalities.

We applied the same guideline to our runtime UI.
Our navigation page is a good example.